Click the video below to check out the WOW Truck.

This new revolutionary recreational experience called

the Thundering Water Wellness on Wheels (WOW)

is a 18-wheel truck that will transform into an activity

and wellness educational center to bring exciting services to communities throughout Douglas County.


Let's build the solution.

Over 60% of Douglas County adults have one or more chronic disease conditions. Thundering Water will be a revolutionary "upstream" solution, helping individuals and families to learn lifestyle changes that will reduce dependence on pills and procedures, while having fun and forming lasting bonds.

Thundering Water is a health and wellness initiative focused on disrupting downstream “disease management” with upstream healthcare, the effects of which will ripple through communities, changing lives for good.



Promote principles of evidence-based nutrition and physical movement.


Strengthen inter- and intra- family bonds through recreation.


Equip citizens with knowledge and resources for preparedness and resilience.

Small adjustments today, for a healthier tomorrow.

YOUR DONATIONS WILL HELP US BUILD our capacity and programs in preparation for a park.

Miniature Golf

An artistic 18-hole miniature golf course, traversing 20,000 square feet accented with recirculating water features and challenging designs.

Bike Pump Track

A Bike Pump Track designed with rollers and berms so the rider gains momentum with body movements instead of pedaling.

Climbing Wall

Climbing and bouldering walls that are color-coded based on skill level and require no harness or helmets.

Concrete Games

Outdoor games pavilion with, Shuffleboard, Double Foosball, Ladder Toss, Cornhole, Foosball, Table Tennis, and Round Table Tennis engineered by Stone Age Concrete Games, Inc.

Enriching Nutrition Classes

A Ramada-style instructional kitchen equipped with state of the art technology where evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle courses are offered by UCVEG.

Sensory Garden

The garden will include surfaces, features, objects, and plants that stimulate the senses. It will be a place for play and imagination.

Fitness Court

The court will be designed to provide a full-body workout in only a short time. Rotate through all the zones for a circuit training workout that will have you full of energy.

Neighborhood Preparedness

An education center that will include a home base office for Map Your Neighborhood & community preparedness/resilience classes.

Healthy Food Cart Pod

Food carts featuring delicious and nutritious options including vegetarian and vegan menu items.

Riverfront seating

Seating along the Umpqua River and throughout the park.

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Thundering Water

1813 W Harvard Ave. Suite 448

Roseburg, OR 97471

For further details and questions please call or email.