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Thundering Water is a health and wellness initiative focused on disrupting downstream “disease management” with upstream healthcare, the effects of which will ripple through communities, changing lives for good.

Wellness On Wheels

Introducing the WOWtruck - your one-stop wellness destination on wheels! Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, just need some help and inspiration on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, or simply looking for a fun way to relax, this park on wheels has got you covered! With exciting recreational amenities, nutritious food options, and a focus on community building, we're here to bring wellness right to your doorstep. So, hop on board and join us in this wellness revolution!

Portable Speed Ring Pump Track

Included in the WOWtruck is the ultimate experience for biking enthusiasts and newcomers: a looped circuit of banked corners and smooth rollers that lets riders take on the challenge with no pedaling or pushing required! This innovative design harnesses the power of momentum. Get ready to experience the pure joy of letting gravity do some of the work as you navigate through this unique course. Are you up for the challenge? Designed for use by all ages and abilities.

Unique Experiences for Everyone

With a wide range of activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Get your adrenaline pumping with thrilling games and physical challenges, or simply relax in our serene sensory garden. Come and experience the WOWtruck for yourself - the ultimate destination for all your wellness and healthy entertainment needs!

Click the images above and video below to check out the WOWtruck.

This new revolutionary recreational experience called

the Thundering Water Wellness on Wheels (WOW)

is a 18-wheel truck that will transform into an activity

and wellness educational center to bring exciting services to communities throughout Douglas County.


Let's build the solution.

Over 60% of Douglas County adults have one or more chronic disease conditions. Thundering Water will be a revolutionary "upstream" solution, helping individuals and families to learn lifestyle changes that will reduce dependence on pills and procedures, while having fun and forming lasting bonds.

CORDELL SMITH, DPM, Roseburg Foot and Ankle Specialist

“What Thundering Water brings to Douglas County is a preventative, proactive approach of providing affordable recreation and lifestyle and nutrition education to a younger audience. By getting more of the community moving together and connecting with each other, we can help curb the rising trends of preventable diseases.”

ROBERT MILLER, Executive Director, FARA

“My hope from this amazing collaboration is that

we give our 20-25 youth a week that attend our

FARA Fun Night on Wednesdays, another connected

opportunity to play and build their relational

capacity. By providing safe places to play, youth who

are experiencing difficulties in their personal lives

have a moment to be themselves and build healthy

relationship patterns.”


Douglas County Child Welfare, Oregon

Department of Human Services

“There are parents and families who have not experienced healthy family activity, due to poverty, lack of access, or conditions that greatly reduce the capacity of a parent to meet the holistic needs of their child or children. It is to the benefit of these families, and our communities, to teach these parents a different way, and support their incredible and brave efforts at making difficult changes in their lives.”

CINDY MEDLAR, Community Member

“My body has shown me that what I eat makes all the


Cindy Medlar lived a busy life as an engaged

community member lending her efforts to a variety of

causes. She found herself battling poor lab markers and

a few extra pounds as the years passed. Without a plan

to stick with to lose weight, she felt like she was stuck

where she was. Seeing a friend find success with weight

loss, Cindy followed her example and changed her

eating habits. She and her husband switched to a plant

based diet.

“This diet change gave me new energy. I was able to

hike Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona with

my grandkids. There’s no way I could have done that

before this lifestyle change.”

She has since lost 35 pounds and her lab numbers have

improved dramatically

KELSEY WOOD, Principal Agent

Gordon Wood Insurance and Financial Services

“I realized that harming my body at an early age would

shorten my lifespan and cause physical damage that

would have to be dealt with eventually. I had kids and a

wife that needed me.”

After a diagnosis of hypertension in his early 40s, Kelsey

Wood knew he had to change something. At the urging

of his doctor, he started with watching his sodium intake

and choosing lower calorie foods. Within 6 months, he had

lost weight and brought his blood pressure back to normal


Years later, after painful kidney stones sent him to the ER,

Kelsey adjusted his diet once again by limiting red meat

and soda pop and drinking more water. He’s also become

more aware of the stressors and psychological issues that

lead to cravings for dopamine and serotonin cascades.

“Healthier is better. Who needs to be in and out of

doctor’s offices, taking prescription drugs, and spending

time and money dealing with health issues and the side

effects of treatment?”

Small adjustments today, for a healthier tomorrow.

YOUR DONATIONS WILL HELP US BUILD our capacity and programs in preparation for a park.

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